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NewAge Scaffolding Enterprises is a reliable supplier of Champion gaskets in Delhi . CHAMPION GROUP of Industries was established in the year 1959, manufacturing Mechanical Gland Packings, Flange Gasket Jointing Sheets, Heat Insulation and Fluid Sealing applications for all types of industries.

Champion Gland Packings are synonymous in the industries for being known for its quality and conforming to IS4687 and DGS&D specifications. Champion products meet with increasing exact requirements in the Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Nuclear Power, Engineering, Pharma, Power Generation, Paper, OEM, Coal, Steel, Alumina, Shipping, Cement, Fertilizer, Defence, Railways, Aeronautics, Sugar & Chemical Industries for mechanical gland packings in pumps & valves, as well as other heat insulation and fluid sealing applications across all types of industries. 

We are proud partners and suppliers of ready cut gaskets and sheets from Champion Jointings Pvt ltd, India for the gaskets and sheets marked Champion- 20, Champion- 59 Oil, Champion- 54 Super(metallic). We believe that use of ready cut gaskets results into more than 30% savings in actual costs due to minimum wastage.

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