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Champion Jointings Authorized Dealer

Apart from being India's one of the best asbestos free gaskets and sheets manufactures , New Age Scaffolding based in Delhi, is a proud distributor of the very famous and reliable Champion Jointings .

Champion group of Industries was established in the year 1959, manufacturing Mechanical Gland Packings, Flange Gasket Jointing Sheets, Heat Insulation and Fluid Sealing applications for all types of industries. We are authorized dealers / channel partners for the following range -

Non Asbestos Fibre Jointing Sheets

A cost effective product manufactured from ecofriendly natural cellulosic fibres bonded with suitable mix of elastomers.
General purpose gasketing material suitable for use with Oils, Solvents, Gases, Water, L.P.Steam and most dilute acids and alkalies (Low service conditions).

Max. Operating Pressure : 25 bars
Max. Short term service temp. : 400 degree C
Max. Continuous service temp. : 250 degree C
Max. Operation temp. for steam : 180 degree C


Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing is a consistently uniform and resilent product. A price worthy quality of dependable performance, plus adaptibility to many sealing requirements make this 'STEAM' JOINTING the choice sheet packing of Plant Engineers and Maintenance Man. CHAMPION STYLE 20 jointing nd developed for general pupose appications and this quality is applicable to a wide range of duties with less severe working conditions of temperature and pressure.

Recommended Max Temperature : 380˚C
Recommended Max Pressure Kg./cm2 : 35 Kg/
Specification Compliance
IS-2712 - 1998
IS-2712 - 1979 Grade W / 3
IS 2712 - 1971 Grade C
Champion Spiral Wound Gaskets are composed of a metallic continuous strip with a special shaped profile, coupled with a continuous filling strip (Asbestos, PTFE, Graphite etc.) evenly wound in concentric spiral under constant stress. The Spiral Wound Gaskets are reinforced on the inner and outer diameter by winding of several electrically welded metal.
Filler Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
Graphite 550 degree C
PTFE 260 degree C
CAF 440 degree C
Winding Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
304 Stainless Steel 6500C
304L Stainless Steel 6500C
316 / 316L Stainless Steel 6500C
316Ti Stainless Steel 6500C
347 Stainless Steel 6500C
321 Stainless Steel 6500C



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What effects performance of Spiral Wound Gaskets ?