Asbestos Free Industrial Gaskets India

Industrial Gaskets are commonly made of a flexible material such as rubber or even metals in some cases, such as spiral wound, or non asbestos gaskets. Gaskets find application in industries as diverse as food processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water, and oil and gas.
The properties of an industrial gasket are typically those of the material out of which it is manufactured. Hence, gasket materials are selected for their characteristics: such as their resistance to chemicals, acids, alkaline, extreme temperatures, pressures, and their ability to withstand different environments like deep-sea, mining etc.

Gaskets for Sealing Purposes

The most common use of a gasket is as component to a sealing system between two other surfaces. As an instance, pipe gaskets stocked by us are used to create a seal between two pieces of pipe when laying a pipeline. The gasket here prevents the escape or ingress of fluids (liquids or gases)  at extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Yet the function of a gasket is not only to provide a seal to prevent liquids or gases escaping, but it is also an important safety device. In this respect it is important for the gasket to be the weakest component of the sealing system, so that it fails in response to a problem. The consequences of a gasket not failing in response to a problem are far greater than simple gasket failure. If the gasket does not fail in response to a build in pressure then the consequence is potential bursting of the pipe and/ or explosion.

It is also important that the gasket allows for essential maintenance, by allowing the sealing surfaces to be separated and reassembled. For this reason it is important for the gasket to remains in a good a condition for as long as possible.

The life of a gasket can be significantly improved by selecting the right material for the application, and by taking into account all of the features of the environment in which it will be used. There are a couple of gaskets that are used for Industrial application across India namely,  Gaskets by Klinger, Champion and Frinzelit, Germany. A couple of company mandates prefer Non Asbestos free Gaskets that are more environment  friendly. Other applications make use of  Graphite and PTFE gaskets as well.

New Age Scaffolding decades of experience in recommending the correct industrial gasket as per the situation and will be glad to analyse  and recommend the best fit for your requirement.

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