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PTFE Envelope Gaskets in India

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) envelope gaskets provide excellent sealing in corrosive environments by combining the low friction and chemical stability of PTFE with the mechanical strength of the gasket material. This develops a gasket that can be used assuredly with aggressive media like for sealing all acid and caustic media which would attack many other materials. Delhi based New Age Scaffolding supplies these gaskets to suit all flange types and sizes. These are available as slit (v-type), milled (square cut) or double jacketed envelope gaskets with a variety of materials available for fillers. They offer exceptional chemical resistance while sealing in corrosive environments and meet FDA standards too.

With the chemical resistance of PTFE, and the strength and resilience of the inlay material, PTFE envelope gaskets combine the benefits of different materials and hold the following properties: 

Good chemical resistance.
Wide temperature range. This depends both on the envelope as the inlay material.
Good pressure resistance, depending on the choice of the inlay material.
Non sticky property hence easy removal.
Temperature range of -240C to 270C. 
Food Approved grades available.

Applications of Envelope Gaskets are, not limited to, but as stated below -

Glass lined pipe systems, distillation columns and reactor vessels where non-contamination is essential.
Pharmaceutical High Purity
Piping Service
Food and Chemical Industries


Non-asbestos Elastomers
Corrugated Metals 

These envelope gaskets are ideal for use in equipment employing flanges made from alloy, standard steel, glass-lined, plastic, ceramic, conical-end glass pipe and more. Contact our professional team for your queries on selection of gaskets in India.


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