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Klinger is the world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality sealing products. From the revolutionary development of the compressed fibre gasket to the advanced sealing material technology of today, Klinger has been a leading name. New Age Gaskets is a proud associate of Klinger gasket supplies in North India

On the footsteps of the Principals, UKL started its first strategic business unit “FLUID CONTROL DIVISION” in Ahmednagar in the year 1983 for manufacturing of Piston Valves, Level Gauges and Steam Traps. Subsequently, in 1999 UKL started second strategic business unit “FLUID SEALING DIVISION” on the outskirts of Pune, dedicated to produce Asbestos, Non-Asbestos Gasket sheeting, followed by Spiral Wound, Industrial Cut Gaskets etc., factually everything in Gaskets.

KLINGER's soft sealing gasket sheet material portfolio is based on four product groups: KLINGERSIL®, KLINGER®top-chem, graphite-based gasket materials and KLINGER® Milam. Together, these gasket sheet product groups provide the broadest range of soft sealing materials found within the industry.

KLinger's range of asbestos-free, calendared gasket sealing materials. KLINGERSIL® provides excellent resistance (e.g. temperature, mechanical or chemical resistance) in the areas required by the corresponding target industry. Furthermore KLINGERSIL® is easy to cut, handle and fit.

Once spread to diverse locations, many companies in India became their proud associations and distributors. New Age Scaffolding is one of the best Klinger Gaskets and Sheets Suppliers in Delhi.

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