Properties and Application of Spiral Wound Gaskets

Properties and Application of Spiral Wound GasketsSpiral wound gaskets manufacturer in India, New Age Scaffolding is India's best exporter of spiral wound gaskets to Middle east, Africa, China etc have grown in popularity with a reputation for excellence, dependability, and unrivalled technology..The spiral wound gasket is semi-metallic, comprising of a spirally wound v shaped stainless steel strip and a non-metallic filler material, such as graphite or PTFE. These are designed for the widest range of operating conditions of temperature and pressure and are made from steel with a filling material of Asbestos and Graphite.

Properties of spiral wound gaskets -

They provide sealing under very heavy operating commercial and industrial conditions and are being supplied by us to Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar pradesh, Uttarakhand.  
Restricting the flow of water, gas or air, their construction works very well as a sealant..  
These are reliable to be used with acids, gases, alkaline, steam, liquids, oil and other organic solvents and mediums.    
They can be used with acids, gases, alkaline, steam, liquids, oil and other organic solvents and mediums.   
Not only ideal for use in high pressure, high-temperature applications, They can also be used for low-temperature applications in chemical plants, storage solutions, cryogenic facilities and more.   
They offer strong stress compensation and reliable and stable sealing performance even under conditions that cause pressure fluctuations.  
These offer sealability even when the surfaces are bent or corroded slightly.  
The materials used for the construction of these gaskets are chosen on their ability to compress and recover under load.

Application of these gaskets can be widely seen in petrochemical, mechanical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medicine, atomic energy, aerospace and other departments. Spiral wound gasket is an ideal static sealing element for valve, pump, heat exchanger, tower, manhole and handhole. 

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