Features of Spiral Wound Gaskets - High Temperature High Pressure gaskets

Features of Spiral Wound Gaskets - High Temperature High Pressure gaskets
Spiral Wound Gasket, a metallic gasket that can withstand temperature and pressure is widely used in industrial applications in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, and food industries and prevents leak through flange joints. Newage Scaffolding, operating from New Delhi and serving the entire North India is one of the most reliable manufacturers of spiral wound gaskets in India and most trusted exporter of spiral wound gaskets in India to the Saudi, Africa, China and other countries for their industrial needs.

These are semi-metallic gaskets comprising of both metallic and non-metallic materials, wherein one material is wound around the other, hence called ‘spiral wound’. The metallic part offers strength and resiliency, while the non-metallic material provides sealability and conformability. A spiral wound gasket is composed of three main parts. 

Outer ring: The outer ring of a spiral wound gasket often constructed of carbon steel functions to center the gasket while fitting it into a bolted flange joint.

Inner ring: The inner ring prevents the windings from bending inside the pipe. When a gasket bends, pieces of it are pulled into the pipe and eventually move through the piping system, where they become caught or wrapped around something. Inner rings avoid this condition and help to reduce the risk of this problem.

Sealing element: this produces a tight seal to avoid leakage and includes both windings and filler material. Popular filler materials are graphite, asbestos and PTFE. However, PTFE is not suited for use in high-temperature environments. Stainless steel and Monel are the most commonly utilized winding materials.

The markings on the spiral wound gasket provide essential information like:

The Design Standard or Code
Manufacturer’s Information on the Spiral Wound Gasket
Winding and Filler Material
Diameter and Pressure Class

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