Evolution of Automobile Gaskets

Evolution of Automobile GasketsBeginning from the steam engine period, and through the evolution of the internal combustion engine, gaskets have been an integral part of the automobile industry’s growth from its inception to present day designs, and into the probable future. New Age Gaskets has been a reliable supplier of automobile gaskets/engine gaskets to whole of North India including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, NCR etc. With its wide range of high temperature Mica Gaskets and Graphite gaskets, the company has been a propitious name in all industries including agriculture.
Automobile engines use a variety of gaskets for different purposes, some inside the motor, while others connecting the engine to supporting components like the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and water pumps. The current day engine gaskets can well withstand contact with a variety of chemicals and tolerate temperature and pressure extremes without degrading or suffering any loss of performance, even with long-term use. These are meant to keep debris from entering the engine, maintain a consistent internal pressure, and keep oil and other fluids from leaking the engine.
With more and more cars are featuring direct-injection and hybrid technology with  thinner, less rigid parts exposed to higher temperatures and combustion pressures, evolution of gaskets and seals was an important aspect for promising results. Reliable gasket manufacturers are developing cylinder-head gaskets made of beaded, elastomer-coated spring steel layers advancing cylinder-head gaskets from a flat, pressed design to a flexible design that allows the gasket to follow the movement of the engine parts.
To support vehicles with smaller-displacement, turbocharged engines, gasket companies in India are using mica, graphite and other metal combinations that can well withstand high temperature and pressure conditions.
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