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Origin of Gaskets - Sealing Solutions Delhi / NCRAs we know, a gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two or more mating surfaces and is usually manufactured by cutting sheet materials.Its required that the material is flexible enough to fit any irregularities. It's interesting how did this invention come along and how did this product develop with demand and technology.

Peeping back into the 1800's, pack iron fillings, sulphur powder, and water were combined to make a solid iron sulphate seal. Before this, gaskets were made from pieces of rope called Oakum, which was the loose fibres found and obtained by untwisting old rope, pulled apart, tarred, hammered, and caulked. Primarily these seals were designed for use in the seams of boat hulls or within the edges of steam pistons held in place by weights which is found to be similar to modern-day graphite valve packing. Leather was also tried during these times but leather was not a great material as it often ripped apart when it came into contact with steam. 

With the discovery of vulcanization, rubber gaskets were invented in 1850. And by 1923, the first significant gasket supplier was founded in the UK. Whitby Chandler Ltd. The first asbestos fibre gasket was founded by 1899 by Richard Klinger, used to seal and insulate locomotives and engine boilers, supporting engine parts and mechanical operations. New Age gaskets, Delhi is an authorized dealer and supplier of KLINGER Compressed Asbestos Free sheets and spiral gaskets to various industries in states like Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand etc.

By the 20th Century, asbestos was the most popular material to be used and the material of choice for most gasket manufacturers. Asbestos mixed with fiber fillers served as the ideal material for sealing any mechanical system that involved the transport of hot gases, oil, steam, acids or other chemicals. It could be combined with metal, plastic, or synthetic materials to make gaskets of all shapes, sizes, and purposes and had become the choice of gaskets for high temperature applications until the 1980's when due to their hazardous effects on health and environment alternative fillers were introduced. All applications involving use of nuts and bolts require a reliable set of gaskets.

Today, the industry has asbestos free gaskets and sheets, silicon and rubber gaskets and even MICA sheets and gaskets as a preferred choice in high temperature and high pressure applications.

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