Steam Gaskets For High Temperature Applications

Steam Gaskets For High Temperature Applications
When selecting gaskets or sheets to be used in high tempartaure applications involving either saturated or superheated steam,other factors like high pressures and moisture levles, as well as thermal cycling over a wide temperature range also need to be considered. 

Our Delhi based company has been serving industries from all over North India, clients from Punjab, Harayana, UP, MP, Rajasthan etc for their high temperature and high pressure gaskets and sheets requirements since more than two decades. We are authorised suppliers of high temperature MICA sheets marked KLINGER – MILAP / FRENZELIT – GERMANY for Temperature upto 1000 degree celcius and high pressures too.

You can get the best quality graphite gaskets with us. Alongwith being very soft, graphite is pretty inert. It resists attack from maximum corrosive chemicals, even at high temperatures, and likewise doesn’t contaminate them. Again making it ideal for sealing use. Spiral wound gaskets, the perfect solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes and other high-temperature, high-pressure applications—providing resistance to precisely every known corrosive and toxic element.MICA sheets and PTFE gaskets are also among are product line.

New Age Gasket's decades of experience in recommending the correct industrial gasket as per the situation and will be glad to analyse  and recommend the best fit for your requirement.


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