Gland Packing Versus Mechanical Seals

Gland Packing Versus Mechanical Seals 
We have read the basics and applications of gland packing in our last post - Asbestos Free Gland Packing in India . New Age Scaffolding has been serving various industries not only for gaskets in India but also for spiral gaskets and non asbestos and PTFE gland packing in India.
Let’s understand the difference between mechanical seal and gland packing. Traditional seals used rope like materials which used to wear away with time. With advancements, mechanical seals were preferred to avoid leakage and ensure durability. Usually mechanical seals use multiple sealing points which eliminate almost all leakage issues. These utilize a V-ring, O-ring or a wedge to serve the required purpose.
Mechanical seals better promising and durable than gland packing in case of long-term operation of pumps. They are better for minimizing sleeve damage and despite being costlier than gland packing seals; these demand lesser repairs and replacements.
Gland packing on the other hand is much more economical and easier to install than mechanical seals. These don’t require you to decouple the drive shaft. Packing seals are better adaptive in nature to conditions like large amounts of radial movement and a higher chance of misalignment in pumps and agitators. In corrosive environments gland packing is always a better option as mechanical ones are more prone to corrosion.
Both have their pros and cons and it’s always better to discuss with a professional before making your choice.

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