What Are Spiral Wound Gaskets

 What Are Spiral Wound Gaskets
The spiral wound gaskets are the most commonly used gaskets for critical applications. These gaskets are designed in a way that can effectively withstand the change in pressure and temperature during the sealing process.  Spiral wound gaskets can be manufactured from a wide range of metals to resist against chemical attack and temperature related degradation and used in combination with either graphite, PTFE or mica filler. These guarantee excellent and secure sealing.

Parts of Spiral Wound Gasket while their manufacturing are : Filler Material, Spiral Winding Material, Centering Ring (Outer), Inner Ring.

What materials play a part in its construction -

• Combinations of metal strip and filler are selected to suit the specific fluid media and operating conditions.

• Commonly used material for winding are Stainless steel 304, 316 and 321.

• Alternate winding materials also can be used depending upon the services.

• The material of the inner ring should be compatible with the process fluid.

• Graphite filler are recommended for very high temperature application.

• General filler material used are Asbestos and graphite.

• Gaskets with inner ring are used in vacuum service.

The main factors that help in deciding upon the materials to be used include chemical compatibility, fluid concentration, corrosive nature, operating temperature, and material cost. Its experienced that these gaskets are particularly suitable for low or fluctuating bolt loads because the spiral wound gaskets depend upon the mechanical characteristics of a formed metal spiral strip. 

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