MICA - What Is It

MICA - What Is It
The term Mica describes a group of minerals which have excellent fissility properties due to their silicate layer lattice. Mica has a lamellar non-fibrous structure and has been developed for manu facturing of gaskets for high temperature applications. Mica gaskets are used in the automotive sector, gas turbines, gas and oil burners, heat exchangers and in other flange connections. Mica gaskets are made from a material which consists of phlogopite mica paper and is waterproofed with a silicone binder. A special heat resis tant steel [1.4828] provides mechanical reinforcement in the form of corrugated metal ring inserts, eyelets and/or sheet reinforcement inserts. Both the media resistance of mica as well as the metallic reinforcement and eyelet elements have to be considered for application with aggressive substances. The consicerably low loss of mass during high temperature applications can be demonstrated with the thermogravimetric method. The loss of mass at 800 °C is less than 5 %.

MICA is a natural occurring mineral that is based on a collection of silicate minerals and composed of varying amounts of potassium, iron, aluminum, magnesium and water. It is discovered having slim sheet like or plate-like structure with different arrangement and physical properties. Mica shapes level six-sided monoclinic precious stones alongside a phenomenal split toward bigger surfaces. This permits the mineral to be handily divided into optically level movies. High in silica, this stone has the broad ability to stay flexible and intense even at high temperatures. This encourages the individuals to deal with and work with the stone in those spots with high and moist temperatures.

Its propelled properties make it exceptionally reasonable for use in different spots. These are: 

Physical: Mica is translucent, effectively split into slim films along its cleavage, optically level, dull in slight sheets, versatile and incompressible. 

Chemical: It is a compound hydrous silicate of aluminum, which additionally contains iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium fluorine, lithium and furthermore not many hints of various different components. It is steady and altogether static to the activity of water, acids (with the exception of hydrofluoric and concentrated sulfur), alkalies, ordinary solvents, bases, and oil. It remains practically unaltered by climatic activity. 

Electrical: Mica has the selective mix of uniform dielectric unfaltering quality, capacitance dependability, huge dielectric power, high Q factor and lower power misfortune, high electrical obstruction and low temperature coefficient. 

Thermal: It is profoundly flame resistant, incombustible, non-combustible, infusible, and furthermore can oppose temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius/1832 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyway this relies upon the sort and assortment of Mica utilized. It has fantastic thermal stability, lower heat conductivity,, and can be effectively exposed to high temperatures without obvious impact. 

Mechanical: Mica is profoundly intense, having high rigidity, versatile, and alongside being adaptable. It has tremendous pressure control and can be machined, die-punched, or hand cut.

India produces assessed 90 % of the world's mica and records for 60 % of mica that sets out in worldwide exchange. It is likewise a key piece of the electrical business separated from numerous different applications, like -

It is used in paints as a pigment extender and also helps to brighten the tone of colored pigments
In the electrical industry the same as thermal insulation, and electrical insulators in electronic equipment
Its shiny and glittery appearance makes it ultimate for toothpaste and cosmetics
The high thermal resistance allows it to be used as an insulator in various electronics
MICA SHIELDS or Gauge Glass Mica can be used to secure the liquid level gauges from corrosive and acidic solutions.
Use in the area of hot gases specifically flue gas,exhaust fumes,thermal processes
Combustion plants and motors
Non-metallic gaskets for pipeline flanges, device and container flanges

Delhi Based New Age Scaffolding are National Suppliers of very high temperature gaskets in MICA to different industries in North India.


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