High Temperature Gaskets - Graphite Gaskets Features

High Temperature Gaskets - Graphite Gaskets FeaturesHigh temperatures challenge many gasket materials. These high performance gasket materials are tested for fire safety. To talk of a few, nitrile gaskets will go up to about 95 degreeC, silicone gaskets to 200 degreeC and PTFE to 260 degreeC. Ceramic fibre can operate up to 1000°C, however it is very hard and brittle.Then comes taking metal gaskets into consideration. They maintain an effective seal during pressure and temperature fluctuations, and their excellent torque retention lowers leakage rates and reduces maintenance time. Graphite seals and gaskets retain their properties at temperatures as high as 450 degreeC, serve as great sealing material in high-temperature, high pressure applications and also where steam is present because of its characteristics like -

Resistance to high and low temperatures across a wide temperature range
Corrosion resistance at most temperatures and pressures
Exceptional mechanical strength
Excellent resiliency
High compressibility
Low creep under temperature or pressure
Unlimited storage life
low thermal expansion and good electrical conductivity
resistance to pH changes. This is especially important for chemical processes or reactions that involve the addition of acids and bases.

Another impressive feature of high temperature graphite gaskets is that its mechanical properties increase with temperature. In multi-layer components, graphite can be sandwiched together with other gasketing materials (such as foils) to create custom sealing and insulation solutions. Graphite is also flexible and can be produced without fillers or binders that can limit sealing performance in demanding applications.

We stock and supply high temperature gaskets all over North India. The following materials are available:

Non-Asbestos Fibre Jointing
Ceramic Fibre Blended PTFE
Nitrile Rubber
Silicone Rubber
Tang Graphite

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