Dangers of a Blown Head Gasket

Dangers of a Blown Head GasketThe head gasket in your car is a thin metal in between your engine’s block and the cylinder head forming part of the combustion chamber.  Its meant to keep compressed air and fuel inside the cylinder and to keep coolant and oil out of the combustion chamber so they don’t foul the ignition process and the vehicle doesn’t lose fluids.

When the head gasket is blown, it allows one or more of these fluids or gases to get to a place they shouldn’t be.  A blown head gasket can allow combustion gases to get into your coolant, engine coolant to get into the combustion space or the oil and allow engine oil to get in all of these places as well, doesnt sound good right?

When it blows, if you remeber your dad's car of one held up on the road with white smoke all over, the blown gasket causes water, steam, exhaust, and probably oil rushing out. The car loses most of its compression and power.  The real danger of driving with a blown head gasket is really the danger of driving with your engine’s fluids and gases in the wrong places. It can foul spark plugs and make your engine run poorly due to the deposits left by burning coolant. Leaking coolant and combustion gases can cause high temperature gradients leading to erosion of the leak area and increase chances of cracking. For all these reasons we don't recommend leaving a blown head gasket untreated.

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