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Select range of CAF (Compressed Asbestos Fibre) GASKETS & SHEETS FROM UNI-KLINGER

Klinger 80
colour: red

Medium quality suitable for Water, Steam and non aggressive media under milder conditions, Composed of chrysotile asbestos fibre bonded with SBR

Suitable : Water/Steam

Max. Operating Temperature : 200 °C Max. Operating Pressure 20 bar Indian: IS-2712 GRADE W/3
Klinger Oilit
colour: Black

Top quality oil and petrol resistant material suitable for fuels, oils, solvants including aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons for high mechanical and thermal demand. Compatibility for natural and town gas, water, steam. Alkalines, mild acids and many other chemicals Composed of chrysotile asbestos and NBR binder.

Suitability : OILS/Hydro Carbons/ Natural Gas/Inorganic Chemicals
Finish : [3xA] ANTI-STICK Coating

Max. Operating Temperature : 250°C Max. Operating Pressure : 25 bar Indian : IS-2712 GRADE O/1 British : BS 1832 GRADE A & O
Colour:Black Graphite Finish

Top grade material REINFORCED with WIREMESH. Especially suitable and recommended for conditions of fluctuating pressure and temperatures. Composed of SBR binder and high grade chrysotile asbestos Delivered with graphited finish.

Suitability : Steam /Exhaust Gases/ Compressed Air

Finish :[3xA] ANTI STICK Coating

Max. Operating Temperature : 300°C Max. Operating Pressure : 30 bar There are no standards to cover wire reinforced materials

Top quality universal services sheet suitable for nearly all media such like: hydrocarbons, alkalines and medium strong acids. Composed of NBR binder and high grade shrysotile asbestos. Particulary suitable for use in aviation industry and with hot oil and thermic fluids.

Suitability: Hydro-carbons/Chemical/Oils/Fuels/thermic fluids
Finish :[3xA] ANTI STICK Coating

Max. Operating Temperature : 300°C Max. Operating Pressure : 25 bar Indian : IS-2712 GRADE O/1 & W/1

1). Maximum Pressure & Temperature Capabilities do not necessarily operate together for all service conditions.
2). For sugesstions on selection of gasketing material & additional information on pressure Temperature (PT) chart, write with detailed serice conditions.

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